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In response to local and national demands for changes in policing to address decades of inequalities, City leaders have been working to identify actions that will prevent tragic events like the death of George Floyd. 

In that spirit, the 37-member commission will include residents, community advocates, and experts on public safety and community policing.  The commission will identify reform recommendations to the City Council for consideration.

The commission is looking for community input from those in Fresno and the surrounding area. Please take a few minutes to voice your concerns, propose your ideas, and answer some of our questions.  

"The Commission is representation of our diversity and the communities most impacted by public safety. We are honored that they have accepted the call to serve as we take action to improve public safety for our whole city." -City Council President Arias

Our Mission

The purpose of the Commission is to develop recommendations to institute reform to the Police Department, and to return to the Council Executive Subcommittee on Police Reform with final recommendations for reform.

Our Mission

Next Steps

The commission plans to deliver its recommendations within 90 days. After that, the city council and mayor will determine whether and how to implement them.

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